Legal job search trends

Legal job search online is changing

Mobile technology has changed the way candidates search for jobs. Today’s busy professionals are connected online, anywhere, anytime, with the number of candidates searching for jobs on their mobile undergoing massive growth.

We know that most of our legal and office support candidates are savvy online searchers. For them, looking for a new position is done primarily through a range of online avenues.

For job seekers, mobile technology offers a high degree of privacy and immediacy. The small screen and portability means that job seeking can be done at lunch breaks, on the bus or even while waiting for their morning coffee.

Social media is a two way street

But Social Media is also driving the way employees research prospective employers. Everything we do is transparent and can be traced. As a result, each person in your team must take on the task of “Brand Manager“. Everyone on your team is responsible for managing every communication you send out to the world with your brand. Make sure your team is “On message” with blog posts, tweets, Facebook and Linkedin. A discordant note can deter quality candidates.

Make use of job search tools

Social media is also a valuable recruitment tool, with most job sites optimised for mobile devices, making them ideal for job seeking on the move. Sites such as Linked-In allow you to locate and research suitable candidates and for job seekers to connect with their network and keep their ear to the ground.

By having your available positions easily display on smart phones and tablets, candidates can go direct to the details online and find out about the position in their own time.

At empire careers, we make use of Facebook and LinkedIn to post new job alerts as well as news and updates about legal positions and legal recruitment all around Australia. This helps candidates conducting a legal jobs search online. But we also keep in touch with profile updates so that when a client is looking for a candidate with specific skill set, we are able to contact the appropriate candidates more quickly.

To view our current online positions, just go to our positions available here.

If you are a client wanting to get the best quality legal and office support candidates, you can feel secure knowing that we have all avenues of online job search covered.