Valentine in the Office – People Will Know!

Let’s be honest – a flirtation or a whole new relationship at work will certainly make coming to work a whole lot more interesting.  The downside of course is that this doesn’t just apply to you but to everyone watching your relationship bloom – and no matter how good you think you are at keeping secrets, think again.???????????????????????

Importantly, remember that if you think that the relationship needs to be kept a secret, this is probably a good sign that it is not a great idea. There’s a reason for your reluctance to go public.  But leaving judgement aside, if you decided to ignore our previous post on this topic and passion is overtaking your brain and you throw caution to the wind in relation to relationships and sex in the office, know that these are the signs other people will notice:

  • you start finding excuses to work late together
  • you are seen arriving at work together or leaving together, in the same car
  • you are often missing at the same time and no one knows where either of you are
  • you loudly announce that you are leaving and what you are going to be doing and your office partner does the same – but something intended to be obviously so very different from your activity that everyone wonders why you both feel the need to announce it
  • you are seen leaving the office and going in separate directions only to be seen later going into the same restaurant or bar
  • there are twigs or grass in your hair after lunch
  • you both have a sudden need for stationery at the same time
  • you start talking about the same movies you have seen
  • you agree with each other all the time in meetings whereas there used to be quite robust discussion
  • you obviously know someone’s view on a topic on a meeting agenda ahead of time
  • you defend each other against criticism
  • you attend the same interstate conferences
  • your holidays and sick leave happen to coincide
  • you suddenly stop bringing your long term partner to firm events when they are invited
  • you suddenly don’t seem as efficient as you once were
  • you both bring an ‘I heart New York’ mug into the office after your allegedly separate holidays
  • you spend a lot of time in each others’ offices with the door shut
  • you appear to exclude others from social conversation and only talk to each other
  • you touch each other a lot in what is ostensibly a regular co-worker touch but one which lingers a little longer than necessary
  • your shirt is not buttoned up correctly after lunch
  • your fly is undone after lunch
  • your dress is on inside out after lunch

There are many more.  Again, discretion is the better part of valour.  If you are going to indulge in office romance, be assured that every nuance of your behaviour will confirm the view, once taken, that the two of you are an item.  It is best to come clean earlier rather than later.