A few thoughts as the 2016 EOFY approaches.

A few thoughts as the 2016 EOFY approaches by Carla Thomas

Keep going – Steven Spielberg was rejected from film school 3 times.

In the first year Coca-Cola creator John Pemberton sold an average of just nine glasses a day. The company now sells 1.4 billion beverage servings every day.

Struggles and criticism are prerequisites for greatness. There is no over time or rewind in life – all we have is now. Change your ‘’should do’’, to ‘’must do’’. Raise your standards – don’t sell yourself short.

Remember your personal brand and what you stand for – your values define who you are – do not compromise that. Your ability is not a fixed entity – keep learning, adapting and persevering.

Don’t ALMOST get what you want – GET WHAT YOU WANT. There is no reset, update, upgrade button in life – you are solely responsible for the choices you make.

If asked in life what things do you regret, would it be the things you did do, or the risks you didn’t take.

Don’t settle.The average person spends 4 years of their life looking down at the screen of a phone – look up and don’t forget to have real conversations. Connect in person.

Be kind.

Do not let today’s disappointments cast a shadow over tomorrow’s dreams – doubt killed more dreams than failure ever did.

Finally, studies have shown that the attention span of an average adult (8 seconds) today is 1 second lower than that of a goldfish (9 seconds). So if you finished reading this article…