SOCIAL MEDIA – Don’t Let It Get In Your Way!

Google the name Kyle Doyle and you will come up with a series of articles such as:Hand Holding A Social Media 3D Sphere

‘Sickie faker busted on Facebook’

‘Call centre worker caught out by boss after posting sickie on Facebook’

A British newspaper referred to this as ‘moron calls in sick, gets busted’

This happened in 2008 and Google still remembers this Facebook fail. Imagine looking for a new job and your potential new employer searches your name and found something like this. Or worse your public Facebook page with photos you would prefer no one else to see.

Google your own name and see what comes up, including on Google images.

Here are some tips for making sure your social media presence enhances your profile, and does not damage it.

  • Keep you Facebook, Instagram and other personal social media pages private and locked down
  • Take care if friends tag you in photos. Untag yourself if need be
  • Try and avoid posting on politics or controversial topics
  • Think very carefully about ‘friending’ your boss
  • If you are on Twitter do not engage in debate or abuse. Stay out of it.  If you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face don’t say it on social media
  • NEVER post negative comments about work, your colleagues or your employer. You will be surprised how, even if private, this can get back to your employers
  • Think of your name on the Internet as your personal brand – how do you want to be portrayed?
  • To be safe – don’t post anything that a potential recruiter or employer may see and make judgements on
  • On that note – have a professional LinkedIn profile. And keep it professional
  • Spelling and grammar mistakes are a big turn off for potential employers – if your profiles are not private and your posts are grammatically incorrect, like it or not, you will not be making the shortlist