If only the key to commitment and motivation was as simple as a team step challenge…

Written by Alison Dart – National General Manager

This year, we embarked on a national team step challenge at Empire. We split into groups and set out to conquer 10,000 steps each per day. It was amazing to see some individuals reach far more than this figure, but it’s what I learnt about myself and team dynamics that I found really surprising.

My learning’s came from the hard stuff (surprise, surprise!) – things like the thoughts that make you question your role in the team, challenge your commitment and allow you to struggle with your self-worth.

I found the more I applied the step challenge principles, the easier it became to find direction and know my motivation not only for this exercise, but in my work and personal life as well. If I approached my job and life like I had approached the team challenge, I wondered what I could possibly achieve.

My learning below had an effect on my overall well-being that I feel compelled to share:

Team – I was part of the team and they relied on me. I needed to do my part for the group challenge. There is nowhere to hide, no option to fail, and you have to commit and turn up for your team.

Commitment – Having walked your butt off one day and then waking up and knowing you need to do it all again today when you already feel exhausted is a huge test of commitment.

Self-worth – Saving face and not quitting, keeping on going, because your team deserve it and you do as well. You are part of a group actually doing something that feels worthwhile, and it’s contributing to you and your team’s health.

You are connecting with the world outside spending time away from your desk and clearing your head, stopping to get a better focus. Who knew that embarking on this journey would result in so much more than just better health!