Take Control of Your Career – Being good at your job is not enough

It is easy to think that if you:Take-Control-of-your-career

  • Work hard
  • Show commitment
  • Are a team player
  • Develop your skills
  • Attract new work
  • Meet or exceed your budget

that promotion will be yours eventually.

Doing great work and being a good person won’t get you that promotion.

One of our consultants attended a networking event recently which was full of recent law graduates.  The young people in the room were so full of optimism and enthusiasm it was infectious.   And they had achieved so much in such a short time – good academic results, great social lives, part time (or in some cases full time) work, volunteer work.  It was exhausting just listening to what they could pack into a day.

Talk came around to ‘getting to the top’ whatever that might be for different people.  One of the young women said that she thought as long as she did good work, ‘kept her head down and got on with it’, she would ultimately be recognised and promoted.

Unfortunately that is far from the truth.  Being good at your job and a ‘good employee’ will not get you a promotion or a pay rise.  The fact is that SOMEONE has to know what you want and when you want it.  And that person needs to champion your cause.

So find out what the promotion criteria are that you will need to meet.  Ask what the timeline is.  Talk about your career aspirations openly at the appropriate time.

Most importantly, ask for feedback on your performance, accept it maturely and be prepared to act on it.

It is your career so you need to take control.  Ask for what you want. Be prepared to get it.  Being good at your job is not enough.