Is anyone else exhausted already?  Christmas is so close but there is so much to do – work to finish, demanding clients, presents to buy, food to think about, relatives to worry about, and Christmas functions to attend.

Christmas should not be a time of stress, but it often is. The perfect pictures of non-arguing families sitting down to enjoy Christmas lunch or dinner, is not the reality for many.  In fact, I found this Aldi advertisement to be so honest it was almost depressing!  But it is also quite funny, albeit a little bit confronting.

Christmas, like 30 June, is a deadline for many work matters.  Everything has to be done by what is an artificial date in some clients’ minds, or an actual commercial deadline.  The looming deadline, along with personal pressures, can place pressure on your personal resources and impact your ability to cope.

So if you are working right up to Christmas with deadlines, demanding clients and colleagues as well as a diary that looks set to explode if you try and squeeze one more thing into it, how do you best survive the silly season?  [And on that note it is called the ‘silly season’ for a reason!].


What are the ‘must do’s’ between now and Christmas from a work perspective?  Focus on those and get them in your diary, staying focused on the important things.

Limit your social events

You may be invited to numerous celebratory events or get the ‘we must catch up before Christmas’ email.  The latter can easily be turned into ‘let’s catch up before February’. Why we can go a whole year without social interaction with some people and then feel the need to see them before Christmas is beyond me.  Choose carefully which events you will attend and which you don’t need to attend.  There are also some you can stay at for a long time, and some you can stay for a limited time.

Look at your diary

On that note, look at your diary each day.  Becoming overwhelmed can happen when you least expect it, but if you look at the diary and groan at the beginning of the day with the number of things you have to do, it’s time to ditch something or practice taking lots of deep breaths.

Look after yourself

As hard as it might sound, limit your alcohol and food intake – aside from the fact that you need to wake up refreshed each morning, ready to start the day and keep going, no one wants to discover on 27 December that they have gained three kilos.  Try and get some exercise – it is not only good to help keep your weight down but is good for your mental health.

Keep going – the finish line is almost there and you can start 2016 in a good frame of mind.

What are your best tips for not only surviving but also thriving in the silly season?