Three top interview tips for employers

Professionals such as recruitment firms and HR managers use a range of interview techniques to determine a candidate’s suitability for a position.

Below are three top interview tips that you can use:With these techniques and a structured set of procedures you can conduct a thorough assessment of skills, temperament and experience.

Behaviour-based interviewing techniques uncover the past

By asking the candidate specific questions about past performance and experiences you may uncover responses that could indicate the way they would respond to similar situations within your company.

A behavioural interview uses a structured process to collect information about past behaviour. Past performance is an indicator of future behaviour, so a skilled behavioural interviewer will be able to uncover information about past performance by asking open-ended questions.

Each question helps the interviewer build a profile that offers critical information leading to the successful placement of the right candidate in the position.

Soft skills are as important as expertise

Soft skills such as written and verbal communication are a vital ingredient for any candidate, but even more so if they are either frontline staff or managers. These skills are not always as easy to determine as hard skills such as degrees, qualifications and past positions held.

But you can look for clues by reviewing their resume and cover letter and communicating with them via phone and email. Face to face meetings need to be structured to help you gain insights into the way they interact and communicate.

‘What if’ questions help determine character

‘What if’ or Situational Interview Questions put candidates into an imaginary set of circumstances. They are then asked to indicate how they would respond in that situation. By asking questions that require the candidate to come up with a response, you can gain insights into their character, integrity and resourcefulness.

With situational questions you are able to ask all candidates to respond to the same hypothetical situation. This helps you compare responses and grade them accordingly. This process also helps you look into the future, rather than have the candidate describe experiences unique to them from their past.

These three top interview tips are just some of the techniques we use. With these tips, you can build a very accurate snapshot of each candidate.

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