LinkedIn Does Not Spell the Death Knell for Recruiters

A colleague asked me recently ‘So what is your exit strategy now that LinkedIn is taking over the recruitment business?’. I was a bit surprised by the question, for while I have used LinkedIn myself in searching for potential candidates for particular roles, I do not believe that LinkedIn will replace the benefits of specialist recruiters.   There is absolutely no doubt that LinkedIn has changed the way professionals connect and plays a role in attracting talent, and makes it easier to approach potential recruits. But there will always be a place for recruiters.LinkedIn vs Recruiter

Here’s why:

We understand your business and what you are looking for

As specialist recruiters, we make a point of getting to know your business and what you are looking for now, and also into the future. We work hard at developing relationships to make sure we know the type of candidate you are looking for. As we have a number of candidates on our books, either actively looking for new employment, or passively looking, in the sense that they are not wanting to change employers unless the right role comes along, we already have a large pool of candidates before we start advertising for a role. If an employer was to use LinkedIn to search for candidates they would potentially be sifting through hundreds of potential candidates who match the search criteria.

In some cases, if you tell us you are recruiting for a particular role, or looking for a particular person, we already know the exact type of person you are looking for, having done all the hard work beforehand.

We screen potential candidates

If we advertise, we screen potential candidates before they even come to you. We will not put forward a candidate unless we are sure they are suitable for the role. LinkedIn works on a particular set of search algorithms, and will present a group of people who match the criteria you put into the search. We know the personalities both of our clients and our candidates so we know who is best suited for the role.

Being on LinkedIn does not mean you are a jobseeker

A search of people on LinkedIn who match your search criteria, does not create a pool of candidates. Just because someone is on LinkedIn, this does not mean they are looking for a new role. This is potentially a huge time waster for employers making contact with people who do not wish to be contacted. And this can be annoying for those people who may be receiving multiple calls if their practice area is in high demand. Recruiters are experienced in identifying those who will be a good fit, and more importantly who will not be a good fit for the role.

While we ourselves use LinkedIn to search for and also eliminate potential candidates, it is only one avenue we use in our approach to recruitment. Professional, experienced recruiters provide the expertise, industry knowledge and personal touch that LinkedIn cannot provide on its’ own.

We are happy to discuss our approach – please call us to discuss at any time.