6 tips on how to recruit and attract good staff

As the economy slows, employees can be reluctant to move, so finding new, good quality staff can be difficult. You may need to get more creative when looking for the right people for your business. Here are 6 tips on on how to recruit and attract good staff.

Raise your profile

Good marketing not only applies to attracting clients. Applicants want to work for firms that have a ‘go ahead’ feel about them. Make sure your presentation is top notch and your promotional tools like websites, social media and events put you in the best possible light for both clients and new staff.

Create a positive work environment

Create a great work environment and you won’t have to look hard for new team members. Developing a reputation as a great employer helps position you as the place to go to. Firms that are known as quality work places often spend less money on recruiting because people are on the lookout for positions there. Word of mouth works really well as staff talk to associates and peers in other workplaces about you and what a great place they work for.

Be a leader

Get involved in your community. Sponsor and participate in events that get you out into the public and in front of prospective employees. Take on some public speaking engagements that present you as a leader in your field. Start a blog and include comments about why your firm has the best people and show you really are proud of them. Your reputation will spread and your current employees will love you even more.

Reward referrals

Use networks to help find new staff. If one of your contacts refers a candidate to you, half the work is done as the candidate already has been given a good impression of you. To help increase referrals, offer rewards to current staff for high quality referrals. In most cases your staff will only recommend other people they think will fit in and add benefit to the company.

Use recruitment specialists

Professional recruiters know just what to look for when recruiting the right staff for you. If you are a small to medium firm, a good recruiter can attract and place candidates who might not normally consider your firm. For larger firms, recruitment agencies can often be the most cost effective way to find the ideal fit. As we all know, an unhappy misfit can destroy the culture of a business very quickly.

Offer internships

Work with tertiary organisations that need to place students for work experience or internships. Yes, it can be time consuming, but it’s another way of showing leadership as you help train the staff of tomorrow. You will also have direct access to brightest new entrants seeking careers and may just find a standout before anyone else does.

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