Getting the best out of your recruiter – For Employers

If you are reading this, it is because you are already working with us or want to work with us.

We set the highest standards for ourselves and want that for our clients as well.

Our role is to make sure we know where to find key people who can add value to any workplace, and to keep a close eye on employment trends. We don’t just recruit for you; we add value to our business relationships, which we see as a long term relationship.

For us to give you the best possible service, we want to work with you to know you and your business, so here are some suggestions we like our clients to take on board to get the best out of us:

Meet with us

A short meeting at the beginning of a relationship – and this is often the first time we are recruiting for you – gives us a good understanding of your needs, your current structure, and the business.  We like to stay in touch with our clients regularly, whether we are currently recruiting for you or not. This gives us an opportunity to get to know you better and have a deeper knowledge of your business and culture.  We want to place the right candidates for you, not just make a placement.

Know the role

Having a clear understanding of the role you need filled, and the type of person you need is important.  If you are replacing someone who has left, rather than finding another person just like that, think about the skills you need, is someone more junior needed who can develop into the role.  Do you have a role description? This will help enormously in finding the right person to match the skills you need.

Tell us everything we need to know

If you have the role with more than one recruiter – let us know. We won’t be embarrassed or concerned, although we don’t believe briefing several recruiters will get the best result for you.

Review CVs promptly

We will only send you CVs to consider if we think they are right for the role.  Sometimes those people are being considered for other roles. So please get back to us quickly – we hate our clients missing out on great people.

Finally – if you are happy with our service, please let others know!