4 reasons to use a recruiter

Sometimes a candidate will call me and ask “Why should I use you, rather than apply directly myself?”.

This is what I tell them:

  1. Convenience

Looking for a new role can be a full-time job in itself: it’s a time consuming project. As an ex-lawyer, I know that with the hours I worked I didn’t have the time to look for another role when I had made the decision to make a move.Using-a-recruiter

  1. Confidentiality

It goes without saying that every-one wants their job search kept under wraps. It can be awkward, if not disastrous if your employer became aware that you were looking to move on. It is a recruiter’s role to keep the application process confidential. Recruiters who have strong relationships with their clients know who to speak to, who to send a CV to and what measures need to be taken to ensure the strictest of confidentiality.

  1. Not all roles are advertised

A well respected recruiter who has strong relationships with their clients will be advised of roles before they are advertised by the organisation and even before there is sign-off for the role. Clients who are time poor will often say to a recruiter who they trust to ‘watch out’ for a particular type of candidate and to let them know about them. I have placed many candidates simply by being asked to ‘watch out’.

  1. Expertise

Last but not least, a good recruiter is a consultant. Recruiters are experts and have industry knowledge in relation to salary & benefits, who is who in the zoo, what organisations are doing in terms of growth as well as the career progression paths that organisations have in place. A good recruiter can also provide you with advice in relation to CV writing and interview preparation. Some recruiters are even able to influence the decision-maker in persuading an employer to interview a candidate and even hire them.

If you find a recruiter you can trust and who has excellent relationships with their clients, you will be that much closer to finding your dream role.