Is the grass greener? 5 reasons it is and a word of warning!

Written by Shaaron Dalton – Consultant, empire legal


If you are reading this blog post, you are already considering making a move. In my experience recruiting Lawyers for the best part of 20 years, a move is always a good idea once you have identified reasons to leave and what you are seeking to achieve by moving. The following 5 reasons explain why you won’t regret making a well-considered move. grass_is_greener

1. Your needs are no longer being met in your current firm.

Push factors are always present when you are considering a move. Common push factors include:

– change in leadership,

– others you admired have left recently

– change in workflow

– change in the type of work you are receiving

– insufficient challenge

– a top heavy environment or too much competition for promotion

– your learning curve has stalled

– your earnings have stalled

2. You choose your new job

As a graduate you may not have had much choice in where you worked. Many Lawyers we meet took one of the first positions they were offered as a graduate.

Moving laterally as an experienced Lawyer enables you to make a more informed choice about your future career. Issues we often see addressed include questions of work/life balance, type of work, salary and potential for advancement.

A good recruitment consultant is able to provide detailed information on the opportunities enabling you to choose the right opportunity to achieve your particular career goals.

3. Salary

Moving firms is one of the few times when you will achieve an increase in salary above annual review level.

As recruiters we often achieve uplifts of 10% to 30% on moving for well trained and experienced Lawyers with 2-8 years of experience. It is rare to see more than 3- 6% increase in salary reviews in this market.

4. Adaptability is a critical skill in an environment of change

The legal profession is undergoing a period of constant change. Moving firms enables you to learn new skills and adapt to new working environments, clients and partners, gaining skills for your career long term and increasing your commercial knowledge base. In the interview process you should also ask what the firm is doing to address the rapidly changing legal landscape.

5. Successful careers are no longer linear

The days of staying with a firm for life are over. Lawyers today are prioritising experiences and opportunities for engaging and fulfilling work over the traditional partnership track. Each job is considered an opportunity to expand skills and leverage on existing experience to level up remuneration and create a springboard for the next level. The traditional partner track has given way to a new career path less linear, slightly messier which can be very rewarding.

A word of caution …

Too many short term moves can pose a problem for job security in the longer term. Take the time, ask a good recruiter for advice and plan each move with research and caution so you will reap the rewards!