Are you developing your career plan? Learn from the best!

‘What would you do, if you weren’t afraid?’  Sheryl Sandberg’s simple question in ‘Lean In:  Women, Work and the Will to Lead’ has become the question of a generation.  And while her book is aimed fairly and squarely at women, the question can equally be asked of men.Career Development

Commencing a career is an exciting time. It is hard to imagine where you might go or what you may end up doing when you are just starting.  You may hear a lot of people say that they have succeeded more by ‘good luck rather than good management’ or that they were in the ‘right place at the right time’.  But more and more it is necessary to start planning your career early– they say that what you focus on grows, so focus on making your career look the way you want it to be.

You have invested a lot in your career both financially and emotionally– even before you start.  You need to make sure you get a return on that investment.

In a previous post (view here), we wrote about how being good at your job is not enough.  It is your career and you need to be in the driver’s seat.

What do the best do?

  • They know the value of building internal relationships as much as client relationships
  • They know the value of building relationships with others in the profession
  • They become part of their community and industry
  • They understand that even at a junior level they are responsible for business development
  • They learn and understand how the business works, including how they fit into the big scheme of things
  • They learn from their mistakes
  • They have very high levels of self awareness – of their strengths and weaknesses
  • They develop leadership skills
  • They take advantage of opportunities presented to them
  • They have high levels of resilience
  • They take calculated risks with decisions about their career
  • They take ownership of their career development and plan for the future
  • They are prepared for and allow for change
  • They seek out mentors

Stay tuned for more career development tips in future blogs.