7 Advantages Of Hiring Through A Recruitment Agency

If you’ve ever been through the process of hiring staff, then you understand that great talent is hard to find.

With so many jobs being advertised across a broad range of channels, it may be overwhelming to consider the best approach, to attract candidates with the right qualifications.

Whether you’re looking to hire an experienced Manager, a junior employee, or bolster up an entire team, specialist recruitment agencies offer a range of benefits, including an effective and streamlined process.

A well-connected agent will know your industry inside out, and is positioned to deliver you the best outcome. Engage a recruitment agency to ensure results and grow your business.

Why Should You Use A Recruitment Agency?

There are many reasons that a recruitment agency can assist with finding and securing the right talent. The reasons outlined below, highlight the benefits of hiring an external recruitment agency, in selecting the best candidate to join your team.

1. Industry Knowledge

When it comes to finding talent, businesses have specific requirements across each industry. An experienced recruitment consultant who specialises in an industry such as the legal or medical industries will have access to candidates who have the right set of qualifications. Specialist recruiters will provide a shortlist of candidates who are appropriate for the role, whereas internal teams may have to sift through countless resumes of unqualified applicants.

The recruitment agency should understand the relevant requirements and legalities surrounding the industry they’re in. Recruitment agencies who specialise in the medical, financial and legal industries will be able to issue expert advice about employee legislation that applies to these niches.

2. Access To An Extended Talent Pool

As the saying goes, it’s not what you know, but who you know, and specialist agencies are more likely to attract qualified candidates than other recruitment channels.

Agencies with knowledge in the recruitment sector have access to promotional tools that will ensure their job advertisements reach extended audiences. People who are actively seeking employment are more likely to see these placements and submit their application.

Empoyer Branding

3. Understanding & Improving Your Employer Brand

Employer brand is key to finding great talent and recruitment agencies understand its importance. A fully briefed recruitment consultant can provide candidates with a feel for the company culture and insights behind what its like to work in your business.

4. Understanding Hiring Needs

Whether your hiring needs are infrequent or ongoing, recruitment agencies can improve the employment process and provide relief for internal teams.

Infrequent Recruitment

For businesses who hire staff infrequently, maybe once or twice a year, having a dedicated recruiter on staff may not be feasible. Recruitment agencies can help to find the right candidate and have them profiled and guaranteed, with minimal involvement required from the company’s internal team.

Regular Recruitment

Companies who recruit regularly may need additional support for their internal teams. Recruitment agencies will help speed up the process of finding qualified candidates and reduce time spent filtering unqualified applicants.

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5. Trust & Validation Of Candidate’s Qualities

It is within the recruitment agency’s interest to verify candidate’s qualities and ensure they are suitable for the role. Recruitment agencies have the resources and tools to validate an applicants credentials, seek references and perform the appropriate checks.

These processes often take time to execute and may not be completed by smaller businesses or internal HR teams who are inundated with new staff.

6. Assistance With Negotiation

Recruitment agencies who understand the needs of their clients have a better ability to negotiate with applicants than internal HR teams.

Experienced recruitment consultants with a strong understanding of niche industries are positioned to provide advice on market rates for salaries and conditions across specific industries.

7. Efficiency & Speed

A recruitment agency can save huge amounts of time sifting through applications, so that you only have to spend time looking at people who are worth considering.

Recruitment consultants will take care of the administration that goes into finding great people. These tasks include communicating with applicants, notifying unsuccessful candidates, providing feedback, and verifying candidate information.

Your consultant will collate all of the candidates’ queries so that you can deal with them in one go. This often helps businesses to save significant amounts of time during the hiring process.

Contract and temporary roles can be filled quickly with short notice since the agency will have access to a pool of applicants who are already verified.

Find the right talent for your business

Are you ready to empower your business with great people? Speak to one of our specialist recruitment consultants about how we can help you find the right talent for your business.

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