5 Hiring Tips To Help You Find The Perfect Candidate

Gone are the days when the hiring process involved sitting in a cold room opposite a potential employee, asking the same questions only to receive the same subpar answers. With a little fine-tuning here and a few tips there, knowing how to hire the right candidate just became a whole lot easier!

Our Guide To Hiring The Perfect Candidate

Here are a few essential job hiring tips for employers to ensure you find the right person the first time round in the interviewing process.

1. Outline Expectations & Deliverables During The Interview

Otherwise known as quantifying deliverables, one of the best hiring tips for employers is to outline what you expect of a potential future employee by the 30, 60, and 90-day marks while in an interview. This helps clarify to the candidate how they can make their skills an asset to the job, while also assisting you in assessing whether the person in front of you meets the company’s most basic needs

2. Take The Time To Find The Right Fit

With one employee moving companies, another on maternity leave, and a third leaving next week… trust us, we completely understand the sense of urgency surrounding the need to find someone, anyone, to fill the gap in the company straight away. However, this is the wrong way to approach the hiring process, as it could result in hiring an applicant who looks good on paper but is a terrible match for the company. Slow the process down to ensure you hire the right candidate.

3. Listen To The Candidate’s Questions

You can tell a lot about a candidate from the way they pose their questions. Are they confident in their queries? Do their questions reflect an in-depth knowledge and brand awareness around your company? Here’s another job hiring tip: if what they’re asking reflects the company’s culture and a true passion for the role, they might just be the perfect fit.

4. Assess The Candidate’s Cultural Fit With The Company

Speaking of company culture, this is an important element to take into consideration when looking at how to hire the right employee. While digital tools such as LinkedIn and ATS systems are great at ensuring only the best make it to the interview stage, data can only tell you so much. Personality is important and assessed best by asking behavioural questions that test how they would react to common situations within the workplace.

5. Make The Candidate Feel Comfortable To Be Themselves

The biggest hiring tip for employers? Make the candidate feel comfortable in an interview. Nerves aside, the traditional interview process of lining applicants out the door and speeding them through the hiring process is an outdated one, as it limits how much you can truly learn about a candidate’s personality and values.

Therefore, making your interviewees comfortable is crucial to comprehend whether or not they are the right candidate.

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