Should I apply directly?

These tight market conditions have seen our clients recruit directly which becomes frustrating for our lawyers.   We are frequently asked by our lawyers what the benefits are of using our services, outside of dealing directly with the law firms who are advertising directly.    They want to know whether it is to their disadvantage to utilise the services of a recruiter.    You may be surprised to learn that our clients engage us at the same time as they are recruiting directly themselves, which makes it even more confusing.

We care about our lawyers and clients with whom we work, and try and make the recruitment process as seamless and transparent as possible.  As such, in these tight market conditions where a job is paramount for some, we will always let our lawyers know if they would have a better chance of obtaining the role by submitting their cv directly, and have seen many happy marriages between our clients and candidates as a result of same.

Here is a reminder of what we offer to you, and the benefits of utilising our services.  Of utmost importance, is the way that the recruitment process is handled as it informs and determines the ongoing relationship between employer and employee.

  • We make sure that we work with a whole range of clients so that you have every opportunity in the market.  We provide a holistic approach.
  • We are able to provide you with National opportunities, not just those in New South Wales.
  • We take time to understand your motivations for looking outside of your current role.
  • We meet you in order to get to know you.
  • Our market knowledge and experience enables us to match your experience to a client where there is no role available – and have a role created for you.
  • We do not just send your CV.  We provide advice on your CV, and how best to market same.
  • We represent your experience and fit (both culturally and technically) to our clients and tailor your CV for the specific role.
  • We assist you in negotiating your salary in accordance with the market, and the firm’s particular bandings.
  • Our intellectual property enables you to be fully aware of the partner personalities, and mix of work available in a particular team.
  • We provide interview coaching and provide advice on the interview process which is paramount to making sure you are happy with same, and will accept an offer once made.
  • We provide career advice, which is in your career interests, not ours.
  • We like to have long-standing relationships with you so that you can call us at any time to seek advice.
  • We problem solve for you, taking into account your career goals.