Getting the best out of your recruiter – For Job Seekers

RecruiterIf you are reading this, it is because you are already working with us or want to work with us.

We set the highest standards for ourselves and want that for our candidates as well.  Here are some tips for getting the best out of a relationship with us.

Honesty is the best policy

Tell us if you have sent your CV to employers directly or if you are seeing other recruiters. We won’t be offended – but it could save embarrassment for both of us down the track.  If you decide to go to a number of different recruitment agencies, limit the number – it will be hard keeping up with all the emails and telephone calls if you have your CV with ten different recruiters!

Think about what you want

We will help you with this – but if there is a particular type of organisation or a particular type of role you are looking for make sure you let us know.  We don’t want to put you forward for a role that is not right for you.

Be prepared to take on feedback

Whether it is about the format or layout of your CV, or your interviewing skills, please understand that any feedback we give you is intended to help you find the role that is right for you.  Remember, when you meet your consultant for the first time, dress as is you are having an interview for a job.

Agree on communication

Sometimes finding the right job takes no time at all – sometimes it takes a while.  So we will agree on a communication timeframe with you.

We are in this together!