Don’t be lazy with your CV

When a candidate comes to talk to us about wanting to look for a new opportunity, we often get a copy of their CV, which is one that they’ve used for their last job application, simply updated. And usually their LinkedIn profile has not been updated either.

Of course we can help candidates with their CVs, but we want you to think about writing your CV for the particular job you’re applying for. A one size fits all approach to preparing your CV is not going to make you stand out from the crowd, particularly for roles, which are going to have a number of applicants.resume

Your CV and your LinkedIn profile are your best marketing and personal branding tools when you are searching for a new job, or career.

A CV that is a chronological list of your work experience is not only boring to write but it’s boring to read as well! Employers are looking for skills not a list of where you have been employed:

So here are my tips for preparing the CV that will get you noticed;

  • Look at the job description or role you’re applying for and jot down the major parts of your experience that fit the job description
  • Think about the skills you have acquired that are transferable to this role even if they do not quite fit. This could be from something you did five years ago that you generally think is irrelevant now
  • Now look at your CV and see how it can be re-worked so that the person looking at it can see that you have the skills required to do the job
  • List your skills first followed by your employment history
  • Use keywords from the role description or job advertisement that are going to attract the attention of the person reading it

Once you’ve done that, redo your CV for the next job you apply for in the same way.

Of course we are always available for help.