7 Ways to make the most of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is becoming one of the most useful personal branding platforms around. While it is a form of social media, it is also a way to build and maintain your professional profile – it is your professional brand.linkedin-blunders1

Why be on it?

  • There are more than 300 million users worldwide – your connections will connect you with others in your area of expertise or industry
  • Organisations also have company profiles enabling you to follow updates and activities in organisations you hold an interest
  • LinkedIn can help you find new career opportunities – by connecting with others and by monitoring job opportunities posted by LinkedIn
  • Recruiters and large organisations use a premium LinkedIn service enabling them to search directly on LinkedIn for potential recruits
  • You can network with other professionals in specialist groups
  • You can keep in touch with industry changes
  • You can follow thought leaders who regularly publish articles on LinkedIn

It is rare that anyone recruiting doesn’t look at LinkedIn first. If you are recommended either as a service provider or potential employee, the chances are your LinkedIn profile will be viewed. If your name is given to someone they will Google your name. Because LinkedIn is one of the most used websites in the world, if you have a LinkedIn profile it will come up high on the search list. Follow these tips to make sure your LinkedIn profile is as complete as possible (profiles that are 100% complete will come up higher in search results):

  • Use your full name
  • Use a professional photograph, not a cropped photo taken by a friend at a social function
  • Make sure your headline is what you do, not where you work
  • Have a succinct summary, making sure that keywords relevant to your expertise appear
  • Outline all your experience and skills in the relevant areas
  • Include projects without disclosing confidential information
  • Personalise any invitations you send – don’t send the standard invitation
  • Share information you find interesting that is consistent with your personal brand and expertise