10 things to never say in an interview!

Your goal in an interview is to get across to the interviewer that you can do the job, have the skills that they are after, have the right personality traits for the team and that you have drive and ambition.Things-to-never-say-in-an-interview

To help prepare for an interview, here are a list of things you should never say in an interview. No matter how perfect your experience is for the role, the following faux pas ought to be carefully avoided. The market is a very tight and competitive one and you want to avoid raising red flags.

1. “Arghhhh, my last employer…”

No matter how awful your last company was, you never bad mouth a former employer in an interview. If you cannot be positive, be neutral. Focus on what you learnt from the role.

2. “I didn’t get along with my boss.”

Equally, you must never speak negatively about anyone you have worked with in the past. Saying that you did not get on with your superior (or any-one you have worked with) even if warranted, will make the interviewer wonder whether you are the one that is difficult to work with.

 3. “I’m really nervous.”

Even if you are, no employer wants to hire someone who lacks confidence. Do not admit that you are nervous even if you are. Appear confident even if you are not. Before any interview, take a few deep breaths and try to relax.

4. “I’ll do whatever.

All employers want to hire someone who is passionate about what they do. To say that you will do whatever, gives the impression that you are just desperate for a pay cheque and not committed to working for the company.

 5. “I know I do not have the experience.

When you start by apologising for lack of experience in an interview, you are implying that you should not be hired. In an interview, always focus on your strengths, your transferable skills, your drive and enthusiasm for the role and the company.

6. “I think outside the box.

Avoid clichés and buzzwords. Remember to always describe your skills and abilities by using actual examples of what you have done in previous roles.

7. “No, no questions.

Saying that you do not have any questions gives the impression that you are not that interested to learn more about the role and/or the company. Before an interview always have questions prepared. It is always better to have lots of questions than none.

8. “Sorry I’m late.

Never be late for an interview.

9. “Sorry I’m early.

Never arrive to an interview more than 10 minutes early. Be punctual but not too punctual. Being too early will put pressure on the interviewer to drop what they are doing and commence the interview earlier than scheduled. Remember that the time was set for a reason and interviewers have busy schedules.

10. “I’ll have a glass of the Pol Roger.

If your interview is to take place over a meal, make sure you take the interviewer’s lead. Wait and see what they order. Ask if they have been to the restaurant before and ask what dish they would recommend. Always choose something around the same price range that the interviewer orders. Avoid ordering any alcohol, even if the interviewer insists. Simply because the interview is taking place in a restaurant, it is still an interview. You must be on your best behaviour.

Best of luck!