IS IT POST-HOLIDAY BLUES OR TIME FOR A CHANGE? 5 Signs you’re ready for a career move!

Written by Kirsten Carty – Recruitment Consultant (Legal Support) Melbourne, VIC

We all know that feeling when holidays come to an end and our mind reluctantly turns to work, but when do you know it’s more than post-holiday blues and it’s time for a change

1. Just the thought makes you depressed

You’re not even there yet and it’s already sobered your mood. Yes –work isn’t the same as sipping cocktails in paradise, but if you’re dreading walking through the door every morning, it’s probably a little more than post-holiday blues. Take it as the perfect opportunity to self-reflect and analyse why you’re feeling that way and where to from here.

2. You don’t want your bosses job

You may not want their job for a variety of reasons, but more often than not it is a great way to test your longevity within the organisation. We all need to feel inspired and have someone to look up to, so if you’re having trouble mapping out your path within the company and you don’t see yourself in their shoes, then the place probably isn’t for you.

3. You’re only there for the money

The majority of us get paid monthly and we can all agree that it is a great day but there’s only 12 of them a year, so how about all the other days? The fact of the matter is staying in a job purely for the money just isn’t enough – we need much more than that including feeling respected, appreciated, challenged and developed just to name a few. So if your pay day is truly the only reason you’re still there, then I’d say it’s time to starting looking at potential opportunities.

4. There’s a glass ceiling

There may be several reasons as to why you’ve reached a glass ceiling including no succession planning, gender equality or perhaps management’s perception of you. Regardless of the reason, if there is no room for you to progress internally then it’s time to look elsewhere and find an organisation that will nurture your growth.

5. Your heart isn’t in it anymore

You used to get a thrill from crunching numbers, solving problems or in our case placing candidates into their next role, but over time your care factor has diminished and the buzz just isn’t there anymore. This can be for a number reasons but one to consider is that you may have been cruising in autopilot for a little too long. Continuous learning is known to be one of the most essential elements in stimulating employees, so I’d say if you can do it in your sleep it’s probably time for a change!

In no way is this an exhaustive list – it is merely a chance to provoke some self-reflection because life is too short to be somewhere you don’t want to be!