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How to resign when you change jobs

Written by April O’ Dempsey – Recruitment Consultant (Legal Support) Brisbane, QLD People change jobs periodically these days and here are some tips you can do to make sure your resignation goes well: Make sure you tell your supervisor first and preferably in person, but always follow up with an email. Avoid telling anyone else […]


How to Prepare to Take Leave

Written by Caitlin Chapman – Recruitment Consultant (Legal Support) Sydney NSW Taking leave from work is always exciting and we all deserve a break from work and the opportunity to completely tune out. However, this is often harder in practice and depending on your chosen profession, can require careful planning and preparation. Below I have listed […]

Law Firms in Australia and the Talent Vacuum

Written by Marianna Tuccia and Nicholas Brown (Legal Professional, Sydney NSW) A talent war has been waging over the last couple of years in private practice law firms in Australia. Particularly in that very sweet spot of 2 to 6 years post admission experience.  And especially in the sought after practice areas of real estate, […]

Flat Shoes and Tattoos

Written by Alison Dart – National General Manager What do you do when you have secured an interview for a professional services firm but you never wear heels and even more perplexing what do you do with your visible cool university tattoo Do you pretend to be some else or should you be open about […]

The Cover Letter – Your Greatest Selling Tool

Written by Jo Williams: Corporate Support Consultant – empire group   In this highly competitive candidate market a well-written cover letter can be your greatest tool in getting noticed. Applying for jobs can sometimes seem like an arduous and administrative heavy process, but spending the extra time on a cover letter shows potential employers and […]

What is the best way to prepare for an interview?

Written by Libby Mizrahi– Recruitment Consultant (Legal Professional) Melbourne VIC Let’s face it, job interviews can be daunting. Usually however, we find that the anxiety we create in our minds around an upcoming interview, is a lot worse than the interview itself.   In fact, amongst most of the lawyers that I work with, those that […]

Risky business: taking calculated career moves

Written by Sally Hill – Recruitment Consultant (Medical & Corporate Support), Brisbane QLD The career path of the contemporary worker can be quite varied as business needs change, jobs evolve and industries are hit with tough economic conditions.  If you find yourself on your evening commute home from another day on the job wondering what […]

Effective Workplace Communication

Written by Tarnya Mangano – Recruitment Consultant (Legal Support) Brisbane, QLD Simple, but sometimes we all forget the art of effective communication, especially in our workplaces.  Of course, we all think we have great communication skills, and every job requires them – but what does it really mean?  And what does it mean to have […]